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Blake ambassadors announced

Six University of Otago students have been selected as Blake ambassadors.

They will be part of a group of 13 young people who will work over summer with leading scientists, conservationists and rangers in their fields of interest.   Read more >>

Following the feathers to book deal and subantarctic islands

For most of us, publishing a book on our precious native species and visiting some of our hard-to-reach wild places would be accomplishments happily achieved in a lifetime. But for Oscar Thomas, these achievements have been notched up at the tender age of 20, thanks to a serendipitous school trip to predator-free Tiritiri Matangi in the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park/Ko te Pātaka kai o Tīkapa. Oscar tells us about his epic conservation journey thus far, and shares with us his favourite birds of the Gulf.  Read more>>

Young author joins Heritage expedition to subantarctic Islands

New Zealand’s only oceangoing cruise line has drafted a fresh-faced birdwatcher for a unique expedition to the Subantarctic Islands.    Read more >>

RNZ Nine To Noon with Kathryn Ryan: Birds of NZ, Oscar Thomas

Kathryn speaks with Oscar Thomas about his passion for birds which started with a primary school trip ten years ago and has earned him an international book deal. A London Publisher has picked up this twenty year old’s first book, A Naturalist’s Guide to the Birds of New Zealand.  Listen >>

Aquinas College teams up with City Sanctuary Project

Hearing raucous possums at night and coming face-to-face with them in the bush between Aquinas College buildings has led to students volunteering to trap the pest, with City Sanctuary.  Read more >>

Bird-snapping leads to field guide

Lying in a cold wet bog; freezing on the side of a mountain; holding his stomach while rolling on rough seas in a fishing boat — Oscar Thomas would do just about anything to get the perfect picture.

Now, the 20-year-old bird photographer has just landed his first international publishing deal with a London publisher.  Read more >>

Birds making most of empty cities

As New Zealanders hunker down at home, silent and empty town and city streets have become a paradise for birds – and for those humans who enjoy watching them.

Bird watchers have noticed a dramatic increase in the number of birds as traffic noise and pollution has decreased.  Read more >>

Wandering weasel in Hawke’s Bay wetland raises concerns

Bird photographers visiting the wetlands next to the Hawke’s Bay Airport were shocked to capture a Middle-European weasel carrying its young.  Read more >>

North Shore teenager named as Forest & Bird Youth Award winner

Forest & Bird has named Hillcrest teenager Oscar Thomas as winner of its 2017 Youth Award following an eventful year in which the 17-year-old plotted the successful campaign for the kōkako in the Bird of the Year contest.  Read more >>

Competition heats up in Bird of the Year

The competition is run by Forest and Bird, and while it’s a bit of fun, it also has a serious message – raising awareness and funds for New Zealand endangered birds. The kokako has never won the competition, but 16-year-old Oscar Thomas is the bird’s campaign manager this year, and he says there is a lot to love about it.  Watch >>

Kokako’s huge support from a small fan

The New Zealand kokako’s biggest fan, and perhaps one of its youngest, is tracking for success in this year’s Forest & Bird ‘Bird of the Year’ campaign. Fifteen-year-old Oscar Thomas is the kokako’s campaign manager and has been tasked with rallying votes for the flightless bird, which is currently sitting in second place in the competition.  Read more >>

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